Hiii, welcome to Tribe Called Vibe! I am so glad we were aligned! My name is Ash Espíritu Libre. I am a psychic clairvoyant that uses divination and spiritual methods of healing to serve my community. I come from a long lineage of magical rootworkers, healers and seers. I stumbled into entrepreneurship in 2015 when I taught myself to create jewelry. I began creating crystal jewelry to make crystal healing more accessible after my then five year old kept losing her crystals. In 2020 I expanded my business to include my lifelong dream of having a botaníca.  This company is more of a safe space for healing than a regular degular shop. This space is open to all without judgement. I am here to create a safe, carefree, and honest shopping experience for each member of our tribe. My goal is to give inspiration, confidence, love, and hope to every soul touched through my work. All items are handmade and have their own identity. I create from love, gratitude and happiness. I am grateful for your support and looking forward to creating for you very soon! 

Love, Light and Creativity,