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Tribe Called Vibe

Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho

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ROSE OF JERICHO gets the name "resurrection plant" from its amazing ability to “come back to life” after completely drying out.  

While drying out may sound devastating, it is actually the secret to this plant’s success. Rose of Jericho is a type of moss native to desert regions where water is scarce, so this plant can completely dry out, curl up over itself, and blow around like a tumbleweed until it finds water. When it finds a water source, it unfurls to reveal gorgeous green fern-like fronds. Once it exhausts its water supply, it dries out again and blows on to the next water source. Rose of Jericho is an amazing tool for abundance and money rituals, spells, and alters. Rose of Jericho is a plant for protection as well.

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